Facebook Is Better Than Twitter For Your Brand - Here's Why

One of the interesting arguments that online marketers sometimes have is deciding whether Facebook or Twitter is better in terms of a marketing tool for businesses. Of course, this depends to some extent on the nature of your business and the product or service that you supply in any particular industry, but in general, Facebook outweighs Twitter in terms of value.

Here are a few reasons why…

Platform Size

In terms of the audience and reach there is a massive difference between Facebook’s billions and Twitter’s millions of users, but more importantly, while Facebook continues an upward growth trajectory, Twitter’s growth has been slowing for some time. It is unlikely that Twitter will ever be able to reach the numbers that Facebook commands.

User Engagement

While it is possible to argue that both Facebook and Twitter engage with their users in different ways, Facebook is clearly the more engaging of the two. Facebook users tend to spend much more time engaging than those on Twitter. Facebook has considered the way in which brands can engage with the average user on the platform, and that has made a big difference.

Quality Features

Micro-blogging (Twitter) and social networking (Facebook) are different in nature, and Facebook provides more features to attract and keep audience attention. Many social media experts agree that Facebook has all the features of Twitter, while the same cannot be said for the reverse, as Facebook simply provides more experiences for users.

Constant Innovation

While things changing often in tech-related sites and social media can be annoying for some users, it shows a constant trend of innovation behind the scenes that attracts more users, brands and buzz. Facebook is a winner here, as the social network is always trying to find fresh ways to do things and new additions to the site to improve user experience or simply change things up. While Twitter tries to innovate often too, few can beat Facebook and their rate of innovation.

Whether you decide to use Facebook or Twitter for the purposes of marketing your business, trust ITSys Development to expertly handle your social media management and content creation for your brand, ensuring that you engage with your intended audience in a way that will build your brand.


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